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Carr Announces Campaign Support from Nearly 300 Young Professionals Across Georgia

October 5, 2018

ATLANTA – Attorney General Chris Carr’s campaign today announced nearly 300 hardworking Georgians “under 40” who have announced their support for Carr in the November 6 election. The entire list of leaders heading up the “Young Professionals for Carr” coalition can be found online here.

“I was so glad to see Chris Carr take office as our Attorney General. He’s absolutely committed to doing the right thing for Georgia, and his style of leadership — bringing everyone to the table and including a variety of ideas — makes others excited to join his work,” Colt Chambers, CEO of Chambers Enterprises and Chairman of the Georgia Young Republicans.

“Chris has not only met my expectations, but he has exceeded them. His work on the Statewide Opioid Task Force is already making a difference in the lives of Georgians, and I’m glad to see him speaking out as the national voice of the ‘Demand and End’ campaign to fight human trafficking,” said Augusta Circuit District Attorney Natalie Paine. “I look forward to his continued work as the Georgia Anti-Gang Task Force expands and puts more criminals behind bars.”

“As Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, I was proud to create more than 84,000 jobs in our state, and as Georgia’s Attorney General, I’m committed to keeping our state the number one state for business,” said Carr. “We have incredible assets in Georgia that make young people and families want to build their lives here — and whether it’s prosecuting criminal gang activity and its offshoots like human and drug trafficking and even cyber crimes, or helping protect consumers – I’m dedicated to protecting their quality of life and constitutional freedoms.” 

Young Professionals for Carr recently kicked off the coalition with an Atlanta function where individuals were able to network, pick up campaign gear and learn more about how they could help Carr reach additional voters.

Under Carr’s leadership at the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the department secured 1,069 projects across the state, representing the creation of more than 84,000 jobs and approximately $14.4 billion in investment.

As Attorney General, Carr has helped keep Georgia the number one state for business where individuals can thrive, by creating a climate that brings Georgians more opportunities while protecting them from criminals.

In addition to his work to provide and protect jobs, young professionals in Georgia appreciate Carr’s collaborative approach on the Statewide Opioid Task Force initiative of more than 300 public, private and non-profit groups that are working together to save lives from this epidemic.

Young professionals respect his leadership in starting the Georgia Anti-Gang Network to protect Georgia from gang violence and his efforts to educate Georgians on cyber security and enforce the law when there are breaches. They also appreciate his leadership in the fight to end human trafficking and aggressively prosecute cases of elder abuse and fraud.

Previously, Carr has announced official endorsements from the NFIB, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Georgia Congressional DelegationGovernor Nathan Deal, House Speaker David Ralston, and a majority of the Georgia General Assembly.

In addition to Young Professionals for Carr, the following coalitions will be working to educate more Georgians about Carr’s history of service to Georgia and work to protect the state:

Carr’s campaign activities can be followed via his website at:, via Facebook at: and via Twitter at: